Thursday, September 19, 2013

Proverbs 4:7

Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom.

And in all your getting, get understanding.

If I were to ask you, do you want to be wise? What would you say?

I am sure you would say yes. Who wouldn’t? But sometimes I wonder.

If we wanted to be wise, then why do we listen to lies, dwell on lies, believe lies, and finally act on lies? These are the questions I ask the Lord as I am reading  “Lies Women Believe” . 

Nancy Shares how her parents were very diligent in raising their children in a “spiritual greenhouse”. Her parents were wise, they knew that it was crucial to not allow their children to be influenced by lies promoted in this world.
 This makes me think of a lie I have heard frequently through the years of raising my kids. While I did try and shelter them from much of the inappropriate media, I in no way provided a "spiritual greenhouse". I compromised more than not because I listened to and believed lies like " you can't shelter them or they will not be able to handle the real world" or "I am going to cause them to be rebellious as teenagers" and many other ridiculous lies of the kind.
The truth is, that even now as adults,  it is pivotal to guard our minds. I need to "carefully choose the input I allow into my life and to reject that which promotes ungodly thinking" (Chapter one "Lies Women Believe"). You see when we feed our minds with worldly influences through media, novels, gossip magazines etc., we are desensitizing ourselves to sin. This means we cannot see clearly between right and wrong, black and white.
Anyway back to Proverbs 4:7
God is telling us here that wisdom is the most important things to seek, and while we are at it, get knowledge too. See, God doesn't want us to be ignorant to the world, he wants us to be wise. To know the difference between good and evil, we need to be so familiar with the truth, that we discern lies the second they come before us. It is the knowledge of the Word of God that prepares us to handle the "real world" so we won't be deceived.
Let's Talk
  • How careful are you about evaluating the input you allow in your life, in your kid? Are you seeking to discern Truth from error? (this is a question from day three in chapter 1 of your workbook)

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